Blog #8

 Jeanne | April 2013


Summer is almost here and here at GiGi, we can’t wait! Take a look at the most
amazing paves that we’ll be introducing for the summer season

[blue pave necklet]

When I first saw these beads the first thing I thought of was the Bahamas, a place
dear to my heart. Think of everything that we create with these pave beads as a little
wearable vacation! Now all you need is some sand…

Want to see what we’re designing? Keep watching….these paves will be ready to
wear before you know it!

Stay fabulous,


Blog #7

​ Jeanne | March 2013

I’m always inspired by fashion and today, one of the queen’s of fashion has inspired
me with a quote I want to share with you:

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street,
fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening. – Coco Chanel

Find fashion in what you do today! I’ll do the same and share with you J

And don’t forget…

Stay fabulous,


Blog #6
 Jeanne | February 2013

Pearls are so sophisticated which is why I love to work with them when crafting
necklaces and earrings for the GiGi collection. You can dress them up, or dress
them down, but no matter what they always look classic.

If you haven’t seen ityet, you have to check out the “Antique Pearl” necklace by GiGi! This is one of my most intense pieces of jewelry to craft; at over 7 feet in length.

But it has so much versatility! Wear it as a belt, across your body, as a beautiful draping necklace or….drum roll please. A stunning headpiece!

I have to say, figuring out that the Antique Pearl could be worn this way was well, an
accident, but some of the greatest things are! J

You have to see it and don’t be afraid to try it! When you do, take a picture and post
it here!  
As always…


Stay fabulous,