Blog Post #1

GiGi is here! I could not be more excited to officially launch GiGi and the time is now!But it didn’t happen overnight – I’ve worked with bead suppliers, listened to friends,family and customers about what they want. And I did a lot of listening; the result is what I’m proud to share with all of you.

My philosophy is that luxury isn’t just for the red carpet – it can be your everyday,
you just have to do it! As a wife, mother, and entrepreneur I am the first to admit
that life gets hectic which is why I designed GiGi just for us!

Thank you for visiting the GiGi website and I look forward to continuing to create
luxury jewelry to fit your lifestyle!




Blog #2

It’s photoshoot day! This was so much fun to get some of my favorite people
together for a photoshoot to showcase the GiGi 2013 spring/summer collection.
Our focus was definitely on how to bring you the best pictures possible, but we can’t say we got to work with some pretty cool “props.” I hope you enjoy this behind-the-scenes look at what it has taken to bring GiGi to life!



Blog #3

Okay ladies, here’s the deal. You can wear all of the jewelry that you want but the
fact is, if your hands and nails aren’t in jewelry-ready shape, chances are the jewelry you’re wearing will be the last thing noticed!

I wanted to share a few helpful tips for keeping your hands moisturized, healthy and jewelry-ready.

1. Scrub-a-dub dub. Believe or not, your hands like (need!) exfoliation just
like the rest of your body. Treat your hands to a quick exfoliating scrub like
L’Occitane’s 1-Minute Hand Scrub made with sweet almond oil, shea oil and
organic sugar. Your hands will look, and feel, like new.


2. Nighty-night! The perfect time to moisturize and nourish your hands is at
night before you hop into bed. It gives your skin time to absorb your hand
cream and allow it to work its magic. Which hand cream do I use, you may
ask? J I can’t get enough of L’Occitane’s Shea Butter Hand Cream. Made with
nature’s miracle balm, shea butter, it leaves your hands feel silky smooth!


3. Don’t forget your nails…I can’t tell you how many times ladies forget to treat
their nails and cuticles as part of their hand care ritual. It’s simple: rub a
little cuticle oil on your nail beds after your hand cream. I really like Essie

Apricot Cuticle Oil – it’s an oil, but won’t leave your nails greasy.

It’s that simple! Now just sit back, put on your GiGi bracelets and let the
compliments come rolling in…



Blog #3


It’s no secret, I LOVE bracelets. One, a few, or a full forearm of bling – bracelets are a great way to make a statement and punch up any outfit. I’m so excited to share with you how to mix-and-match your bracelets with little effort and maximum impact!

1. Go monochromatic: A few sandstone here, a heap of hematite or you’re
feeling glamorous and want to go with all bling, wearing all of the same type
of bracelet is a quick way to make a statement. Be sure to stack bracelets no
further than the middle of your forearm – you want to be stylish, not scary!


2. Earthy sparkle: Want something a little more subtle? One of my favorite
combinations are the...

Blog #4

Summer is just around the corner and I can’t wait for swimsuit season (did I just
say that?) because of one piece of GiGi wear, the Neckligee. It’s the perfect accessory
for your new bikini or that sexy v-neck one-piece! So just how do you wear the
neckligee? Here are a few ways:

1.) Classic: If you have a deep v-neck top or even
2.) Show off your back: I love wearing the neckligee this way – it’s the perfect
solution for backless dresses
3.) Anklets aren’t just for the 80’s. The neckligee can easily be wrapped around
your ankle like this [picture]

While the neckligee is absolutely gorgeous worn any of these ways, stay tuned for a version of the neckligee that will absolutely blow you away!

Until then…

Stay fabulous,


Blog #5

I travel… a lot. Just this week I was in Los Angeles searching for new beads for the
GiGi Fall/Winter 2013 collection (see the progress here!) And when I’m packing, I’m
always trying to find ways to protect my jewelry pieces but it seems that n matter

what I try – tissue paper, tape, etc. - my necklaces end up in an impossible knot and earrings are all over the place. Which is why I love this jewelry roll [by name] which keeps every single piece organized and knot-less!

Another thing I love about this roll is that even though GiGi pieces are all tarnish-
resistant, this jewelry roll is made with tarnish-resistant cloth on the inside and a
water-resistant exterior.

Take my advice if you really want to travel like a true fashionista, a jewelry roll is a

Stay fabulous,


Blog #6

Pearls are so sophisticated which is why I love to work with them when crafting
necklaces and earrings for the GiGi collection. You can dress them up, or dress
them down, but no matter what they always look classic. If you haven’t seen it
yet, you have to check out the “Antique Pearl” necklace by GiGi! This is one of my
most intense pieces of jewelry to craft; at over 7 feet in length. But it has so much
versatility! Wear it as a belt, across your body, as a beautiful draping necklace
or….drum roll please. A stunning headpiece!


I have to say, figuring out that the Antique Pearl could be worn this way was well, an accident, but some of the greatest things are! J

You have to see it and don’t be afraid to try it! When you do, take a picture and post it here!

As always…

Stay fabulous,


Blog #7

I’m always inspired by fashion and today, one of the queen’s of fashion has inspired me with a quote I want to share with you:

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening. – Coco Chanel 

Find fashion in what you do today! I’ll do the same and share with you J

And don’t forget…

Stay fabulous,


Blog #8

Summer is almost here and here at GiGi, we can’t wait! Take a look at the most
amazing paves that we’ll be introducing for the summer season

[blue pave necklet]

When I first saw these beads the first thing I thought of was the Bahamas, a place
dear to my heart. Think of everything that we create with these pave beads as a little wearable vacation! Now all you need is some sand…

Want to see what we’re designing? Keep watching….these paves will be ready to
wear before you know it!

Stay fabulous,